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Here's a new one: Ask Misty if you can order off their, "Secret menu." A grilled cheese sandwich and add pork belly to it. All I can say is OMG !!!

I have tried almost everything on the J Wolf Catering menu in Ventura. 
Today I tried the smoked pork belly bahn mi sandwich and OH MY GAWD !!!
The layers of flavor are deep, mouth watering and so delightful.

You can see the julienne carrots, red and green jalepeno, red and green onions, cucumber, daikon sprouts, Thai basil, cilantro - and Ernie tells me the pork belly is smoked for 15 hours.  This makes it so tender that it melts in your mouth.
Trust me - It's actually beyond good.  The refreshing crunch from the crisp vegetables invigorates and refreshes your palate and serves as a delicious contrast  to the Thai soy sauce ginger and garlic based smoked pork.

Dare I say it's almost like a tasty salad with soy sauce dressing on top of smoked pork sandwich.
Yes, it is the same Thai sauce Ernie uses for his scrumptious Thai Style hot wings. 
Of course the bhan mi is served on the organic non-GMO delicious Wildflour Bakery hoagie roll (not chewey but oh so delicious.
Respectfully submitted by Steve Y.

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